Copenhagen Street Photography 11.2012 © by JCV.PHOTOGRAPHY

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2 thoughts on “BY THE LAKES 4.

  1. Beautifully Pictured i must say. As an Photographer, i can understand how much efforts and patience is required to click pictures like this specially when it comes to street photography. Even I started photography to inspire youngsters in order to develop their skills and raise them as professional photographers. Even you can see my work at and let me know if something you want to add on.

    1. Thanks for your message.
      I looked at some of your pictures and I specially loved the picture with the bear and the bird behind his head.
      Furthermore I enjoyed reading your article about Street Photography.
      I think a good picture is a combination of a great composition, light, and a story or an emotion what is captured in a fraction of a second. This combination is the challenge and makes the topic Street Photography so valuable for both the photographer and the viewer.

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